Monday, September 23, 2002

Three arrested after fight at festival
Taunts, threats, and provocations against people trying to just have a good time will get you nothing but trouble. These "protestors" were alleged to have called people "Mother Fucker", "Son of a Bitch", and called at least one man a "child molester" right in front of his own child. This group at one point allegedly linked arms and prevented people from entering Fountain Square. It is clear to me that one of the motivations of the protestors was to get into fights or arguments and disrupt law-abiding people from having a good time at an event open to EVERYONE. These protestors just do not like having white people living in "their" city. They are not protesting for civil rights, they are protesting for power. They don't have the power, and they want it. They don't have money, and they want it. They don't have the dominant culture, and they want it to be there's. If they keep on provoking people with threats and taunts, they should expect that someone will respond.

I find Nate Livingston to be a liar. I do not think anything he says to be credible. He is the source stating that beer was poured on Amanda Mayes. There is no one else stating such. There have been claims that video was made of the protests. If there is film of all of the claims of protestors, then it should be made public. If they withhold it from the Prosecutor's office they are breaking the law in my opinion. If they are instead going to sue someone, then they are just opportunist scum. Well, they are opportunist scum for many other reasons, so their inaction is moot. If they want the public on their side, release the video of the alleged spitting, racial insults, and beer throwing to the media. The media will air it. If they do not release the video there can be only one reason for not doing so; it shows nothing of what they claim.

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