Saturday, September 21, 2002

Suspect to face judge he protested
Ah, now this makes sense. Terry Summers, aka "The Delegate With The Black Fist", appears to be the same person who regularly calls into 1230 the Buzz with the name "The Delegate." Summers regularly makes bigoted and racist comments on that station with impunity. The group he claims to be with ("The Black Fist") is a black separatist group and a hate group. Is Ken Lawson the official Lawyer for "The Black Fist?" Lawson must be laughing at these idiots on the inside or in private. If he really supports their cause, then Lawson must support their racist beliefs and their separatist movement, thus making him a racist and black separatist. Lawson could instead in public be supportive of them because it gains him media attention for doing so. It is a PR plus for him and instills his "credibility" as a fighter against the "white power structure", what ever that is supposed to be. If Lawson truly wants to help Mr. Summers, he would seek to have him examined by a shrink, and possibly force him to be institutionalized.

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