Saturday, September 28, 2002

Boycott no closer to goal
This sounds a bit like a column to me. It lacked a direction. They only thing I got from it was the boycotters will not give up, which was obvious. They are making this a political campaign, not a protest. This is a permanent element to the City in my opinion. The only way it will end is for the BUF or the CJC to have dominance over City Hall. This is just a political movement, a power grab. This is a progressive populist movement. Social Conservatives teaming with economic progressives (Socialists) and making an authoritarian movement bent on a simple proposition: control of City Government, or death to the City. There is no middle ground. The BUF and the CJC want to create a city with a majority of black people, which is their goal. That is the manifestation of their black separatism. Anything short of that will be not end the boycott.

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