Thursday, September 26, 2002

Flag dragged, but no arrests made this time
When you are not taunting, intimidating, and threatening people, you generally do not get arrested. If the boycotters did this at Oktoberfest, they would not have been arrested. They want confrontation. They want to provoke people. They want attention to their bigoted agenda. The oddest thing that still bugs me is the issue of the “video”. The article stated "One of the protesters did just that a few hours later at the demonstration in front of the courthouse," referring to the judge’s suggestion to police of video taping the protest. I observed the same thing at the September 20th protests downtown. Where is the videotape of the Oktoberfest protest? Why are the protestors not rolling out the video of the alleged beer throwing and "N" word spouting white people at the downtown festival? These claims were made in bold fashion and they could be supported in similar style by releasing video to support the claims of the CJC press releases. They could even put unedited video on the web, avoiding fears of media bias. Why have we not seen this video yet? If there is no video from boycotters, then why did they not record it? They tape everything else, but they skipped their biggest chance to catch the results of their provocations on tape? I do not think so. The only logical conclusion: the tape does not support their claims. Truth is not the friend of racists and bigots, and that is why the boycotters do not try and use it.

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