Saturday, September 14, 2002

Blacks point way for city
Most of the overall tone of this article is good, but Lynch's quotes are nothing but a desire for a quota system in public and private organizations. I am a supporter of Affirmative Action. When I say affirmative action I mean providing increased recruitment and advertisement of opportunities to minorities and women, but that is not a quota system. That does not mean you hire someone based on their race or their sex, whether they are black, white, a woman, or a man. Each comment from Lynch does nothing to reduce the impression that he is nothing more than a passive black separatist, looking to create or take over a local, state, or national government dominated and controlled by people of his race, and his race only. I hope this article can be a defense to that attitude and instead illustrate that joining with the city, state, and country should be the desire of everyone, including all minorities. Sectarianism is best left to the Old World.

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