Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It appears that Cincinnati Nation can't make up its mind. Is it a blog or is it a News outlet? The following "post" from their site is nothing but a misrepresentation of the issue.
Just like the South in the 60s, Cincinnati jails civil rights leader for a minor infraction one of the leaders of the economic boycott of downtown Cincinnati is back in jail Monday night. Nate Livingston was sentenced to 60 days behind bars last June for climbing on stage and using a bullhorn to interrupt a speech by Mayor Charlie Luken.
This then links to a story from Fox 19. The story reported none of what this post suggests, and this post has no facts to support the justification of what Nate Livingston did. He clearly broke the law. The comparison to the South is just wrong. I would guess the editor of CincyNation.com was not alive in the 1960's to know. I was not either, for the record, but I would not make such a baseless statement. In a second story from this website had this outlandish headline “Anti-progress? Chabot wants pollution causing, smelly, street-clogging buses.” Now, I happened to be pro-light rail, but this kind of headline smells of Hearst and Pulitzer.

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