Sunday, September 22, 2002

GOP seizes on Patton ammo
Ok, if the GOP is going to make this an issue in races that have no connection to Governor Patton, why not investigate all contact with the women suing Patton to see if any influence was used to get her to sue Patton and create a scandal.

Yes, I am reaching, but Mitch McConnell should not be playing politics like this. It is the most hurtful and slimy type of politics known. It is not a surprise that a Republican raised the morality litmus test. Historically, they tend to play morality police when campaigning more often than Democrats. If this type of gutter politics really matters much to the outcome of any race in Kentucky is the real issue. In today’s world of a polarized political paradigm, little changes quickly, unless the candidates running are directly involved. Lies in this case will not make much difference.

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