Saturday, September 28, 2002

Timothy Thomas' Brother Arrested On Drug And Weapons Charges
Angela Leisure seems to not have done a good job in raising her children. One is dead, partially due to his belief in automatically running from the police, even though you supposedly did nothing wrong. Now her younger son is arrested on drug and gun charges. How could the activist community let this happen? The activists certainly knew this kid. Did they not try and help him? They may have tried, but failed. That failure will surely be blamed on the "White Man" at his trial. I wonder if Ken Lawson will be representing him.

Nate Livingston showed his apathy towards this kid:
"Cincinnati is a powder keg and if something had gone wrong on this arrest, it is likely that Cincinnati would explode in violence," said Nate Livingston.
Where was Nate to try and get this kid out of the drug world? Oh, I forgot, Nate has been in and out of jail. He is to busy with his own appeals to help the brother of Nate's adopted Martyr. He is more worried about tossing around that powder keg he is referring to, while the “Black Fist” has a constant blowtorch flamed up and ready to ignite a riot.
More from Akron Beacon-Journal and WXIX.

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