Friday, September 13, 2002

Mike McConnell and Double Standards
Mike's show today had two guests. One was from Stonewall Cincinnati, and the other was from the Young American Foundation promoting a list of college course that he claimed were bad. Mike rode the person from Stonewall very tough and wasted the entire time discussing the charter issue, instead of the current news where Stonewall removed the boycott backers as leaders of the group. The guy from the YAF was brought on and he and make had fun going over his list of "bad" college course, only one Mike questioned being there. I was displease with Mike's uneven treatment of the two guests. The Stonewall person got the treatment one would expect from a talk radio host, the other man was not even asked the motives and purpose of the group he represented, and even why and how he formulated his list. I was so riled by this disparity, that I sent Mike an email:
Brian Griffin 09/13/2002 11:21 AM
Subject: About


That site is nothing but a right wing political action group. Why do you
not state on the air that this guy is from a right wing conservative group?
That would be reasonable, but is it just assumed that everyone who gets no
hard questions from the hosts on your station is a conservative? Mike, if
your station broadcast TV pictures it would just be FOX News.


His response was that it should have been obvious that this group was conservative and Stonewall was liberal, as well as being flippant with my comments. My point was that his station asks hard questions to liberals, and soft questions to conservatives, so I guess that is the only to know who is who. He is telling me that I am right, I have to assume. I wish he would not make his listeners assume. I wish he would be up front with the motives of his guests. He presented this guy as a person who completed a survey of college courses in a scientific and honest manner. Instead it was a group with an agenda. His information was nothing but an exercise in cherry picking.

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