Monday, September 30, 2002

Age Confusion for High School Student Suspended for Threat
Jay Love from 1230 the Buzz complained on his show today about the media reporting LeRoy Brazile's identity and showing his picture in the newspapers and on TV. His age is listed as both 17 and 18 in various media outlets. Examples:

Age 17 Listed: WCPO ABC9, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Post
Age 18 Listed: WLWT NBC5
No Age Listed: WXIX Fox19, WKRC CBS12, Akron Beacon-Journal

This suggests that maybe WLWT was incorrect or the others were lazy. Regardless of that I think the issue of reporting his name and showing his face on TV is made moot by two things. One is that his father filed a civil lawsuit on his behalf, which is what made this a public issue. The media generally only hold back the juvenile’s identity when only criminal charges are in play, the civil suit changed things. The other reason is that the young man willfully was interviewed on camera, as shown on WLWT. In this interview Leroy also contradicted his father's comments to Jay Love on the radio this afternoon. In the interview Leroy stated that he was hoping that the Judge would allow him to play in the Homecoming game that night. The father stated that the only reason for the lawsuit was to get him back in school for academic reasons. That sounds like a little bit of spinning the issue to gain position for the lawsuit, not an honest statement.

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