Monday, September 23, 2002

Jay Love Joins Hate Group?
Love's On Air Attitude is Either a Radio Stunt or an Act of Bigotry
On today's edition of the Jay Love Show on 1230 the Buzz, Jay with a very slight joking lint in his voice professed his endorsement of the Boycott and his "enlistment" into the "Black Fist," a local black separatist and hate group supporting the boycott. Jay's three-hour rant was troubling. Well, it was more than troubling, it was disgusting. Jay was promoting the abandonment of peaceful protest and instead has embraced the use of confrontation, taunting, threats, and intimidation. Jay applauded yesterday's protest at Oktoberfest where protesters tried to make people feel "uncomfortable." I guess Jay feels that taunting people with swear words, calling them racists and bigots for being white, and making baseless allegations of criminal actions are justified measures that are supposed to change people’s minds. The only thing it will do will be to make people fear you or make people hate you. If you want to be hated and feared Jay, then keep up that kind of protest. You will get that, along with violence. Hate and fear breeds violence. Jay is promoting the intentional instigation of violence. It appears Jay thinks the only solution to the problems of "blacks" is a race war.

Jay was "impressive" with the level of bigoted statements he was making. His statements that Oktoberfest was filled with "hoards of racists" and that they were all engaged in drunken behavior was a very vividly clear example of bigotry. What will still never cease to amaze me is what Jay and the rest of the Buzz can do. They can have on racist groups, give them an open forum, and then even joke with the racist group members about joining their group. If Cunningham or McConnell did that with the KKK or a Christian Identity Group, they would be called every name in the book, and run out of town on a rail. Jay Love would apparently be happy to have over Kabaka Oba, a known black racist, for dinner at his house, but would never want a white "bigot" over to eat, because he does not like that kind of person. The hypocrisy is almost to thick to cut with a buzz saw. It instead might just be really thick bullshit being laid by a rich kid trying to relate to the fellas from the hood.

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