Friday, September 27, 2002

Hagan lectures boycott leader
I think Mr. Hagen has lived out a dream that most of the people in the Cincinnati Area have had. Hagan has my vote for taking a stand. I wonder if he will make any gains in what should be Taft country. I must applaud the Enquirer for this story. It is a very positive story for Hagen, and it was reported fairly. Taft supporters would have a tough time disagreeing with a thing it reported. I think I will have to read this story more than once. It is like watching a game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth. Hagen has helped all local democrats with this stance. The GOP can't hang the boycott on the party as a whole, like the Kentucky GOP is trying to hang Gov. Patton's scandal on the whole Kentucky Democratic party. The ranks in the boycott took a hit with this; I will listen to their talk radio reactions. I envision a big anti-democrat stance from the CJC from now on.

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