Sunday, September 08, 2002

BRONSON: Men only
Bronson is lying or at best so lazy to not take 15 minutes to find out a few facts before he put fingers to keyboard. Here(pdf file) is proof. The request made to the Masters was to " your polices and practices in this regard..." Martha Burk did "tell" Hootie Johnson to do anything. She made a request, which he then responded to like he was under fire from Sherman's Army. I suggest Peter read a column by Jim Caple of ESPN. It's title sums up Hootie Johnson very succulently: "Hard to take a Hootie seriously."

I know Peter regularly keeps his head in the sand, but does he even read anything outside of other conservatives’ columns? Hootie Johnson’s actions were widely viewed as foolish, and were akin to a provocation. He has the legal right to keep Augusta National in the dark ages, but for Peter to paint this is a NOW attack on his manhood is rather overblown. I think Peter should be more worried about Laura Pulfer besting him as the Enquirer’s marquee columnist, which I think she did before he even started.

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