Thursday, September 24, 2009

Westwood Concern Run By Right Wing Nuts

Yes, the title states something most people would say is akin to making a grand statement that "Water is wet." That being said, those few hold outs or deniers should read about the insane flier Kevin Osborne wrote about on CityBeat's blog.

To say that the authors of what Osborne calls "Melva's Manifesto" are living in an alternate universe is putting it lightly, assuming they actually believe what they are writing about. They either believe we live in Iraq or are lying to their potential supporters in hopes that fear of the poor and blacks will drive them to get in line and support their insanity.

I am glad CityBeat provides commentary and news facts about this group. Other News Outlets, the rest of them in the city, give these nutcases a free ride. I guess the hate they represent speaks for a lot of Westsiders? I really don't think that is true, but somehow Westward Concern is taken as speaking for more than a few nuts. I hope Kevin's post will convince others

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