Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Does Jean Schmidt Agree?

In this You-Tube video from the Tea Bagger Rally on Saturday at the VOA, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt from the Ohio 2nd appears to agree with a "Birther" claiming that President Obama was not born in the USA, and not eligible to be President.
It is not 100% conclusive what she is doing, but Think Progress reports this is not the first time she's what I might call placated a "Birther." If she's just telling this crazy person what they want to hear, just to shut them up, I can understand the idea behind that, but it is not a good one. If a person is nuts or so emotionally out of control as to not be able to think clearly, having a congressman validate their delusions just makes their condition worse. If that is what Schmidt is doing, then she should be ashamed. If she actually does agree with the "Birthers," then she is mentally deficient.

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