Monday, September 21, 2009

Midpoint Locals - Best of the Best

For those looking for the best of Local Cincinnati Music at this year's Midpoint festival, here are my recommendations:

Straw Boss: Thursday 9:00 PM at Southgate House Lounge
The Seedy Seeds: Thursday 10:30 PM at Contemporary Arts Center
The Tillers: Thursday 11:30 PM at Madonna's Bar & Grill‎
The Lions Rampant: Friday 6:30 PM at Grammer's
Heartless Bastards: Friday 9:30 PM at Grammer's
The Chocolate Horse: Friday 11:00 PM at Havana Martini Club
The Kentucky Struts: Friday 12:00 AM at Arnold’s Bar and Grill
The Sundresses: Friday 12:00 AM at Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Pomegranates: Friday 12:00 AM at Know Theatre Upstairs
Eat Sugar: Saturday 6:30 PM at Grammer's
Jake Speed and the Freddies: Friday 8:30 PM at Washington Platform
You, You’re Awesome: Saturday 10:30 PM at Contemporary Arts Center
Wussy: Saturday 11:00 PM at Know Theatre Upstairs
Buffalo Killers: Saturday 12:00 AM at Southgate House Ballroom

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