Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Scottie Leibovitz"

Scott Beseler of Soapbox Cincinnati does really fantastic work, with this example showing the Seedy Seeds from this weeks edition of Soapbox as a great calling card. It worked perfectly as an eye catcher with this great story from Sean Rhiney about Midpoint and Cincinnati's music scene. I was blown away with that photo and really had to point some attention to it.

Scott's work, as can be seen at his website: illustrates his great work, and great contact with local musicians as well as local "movers and shakers."

I titled this post with a tongue firmly in cheek, but Scott has an amazingly brilliant eye and the Seedy Seeds photograph is worthy of priase I believe in both photo journalism realm, but from a pure art perspective as well. In a certain sense he is the Leibovitz of Cincinnati and he's young, never know what great things he may achieve. We get lots of famous people coming through Cincinnati, maybe he can get a few of them to pose while in town. I hope to see more of his work and a repeat of a showing of his photographs at Final Friday.

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