Thursday, September 24, 2009

MidPoint is Live #mpmf

And so it begins with What will the flood of tweets be like? Will we read about more than one 23 old women at MidPoint swear she will not sleep with another musician, ever!? Will we read 30-something guys swear that Erika W. remembers serving him a beer the last time she worked the bar at the Tavern? He was the one guy who did not order PBR, and she noticed. Will we find links to naked photos of wanna be groupies in the Lodge Bar bathroom?

Let's hope so! Well, assuming its not a groupie for an all female Japanese Punk Band.

Anyway, this experiment should be interesting where anyone with using the #mpmf hash tag on Twitter will be included in the stream, or if you are a Cincinnati Bell Wireless Customer and text to 4632. I hoping for a combination of the insightful and insane and a little bit raunchy, but actually, no naked shots please, we don't actually need to see your balls. That means you: band members of Lions Rampant!

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