Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Star & Micey at Blue Rock Tavern Thursday

I know that blogging the music scene is Griff's job, but I thought I'd infringe for just a moment.

Earlier tonight, a friend and I decided to check out Star & Micey's performance at FB's. FB is the newest downtown club, on Sixth Street between Race and Elm.

First, about FB's: 5ch4r7z has previously photo-blogged about the place, so go there if you'd like to see pictures. Both the club and the clientele were trendy enough that I often wondered why no one had asked me to leave yet. Nonetheless, the place was comfortable and the bar staff was friendly. Wednesday nights the club is open for live music.

I only caught about an hour of Star & Micey, since it's a week night and I have to work tomorrow. But I was impressed by what I saw. Drew LaPlante and Chris Robinson opened for the Memphis-based "folk pop band." I'd not heard Drew before, but I'll definitely look for an opportunity to hear him again. Star & Micey also made the night very much worthwhile. They had nice, tight vocals and some interesting instrumentals (you've got to love a band with a xylophone, right?).

Star & Micey plays again in Cincinnati tomorrow night at the Blue Rock Tavern. I realize that the timing is bad (as most of you will be getting your Midpoint on), but if you're not attending the first night of MPMF, of you're looking to take a break from the festival, then definitely head on up to Northside and check out Star & Micey.

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