Friday, September 25, 2009

MidPoint Day One Complete

Day One of the MidPoint Music Festival went off with a thumbing of the nose to the rain! I was extremely impressed with the crowds. Thursday is traditionally a slow night for MidPoint, but there were really good last night, especially at CAC for the Seedy Seeds.

My Plan started me out at 8PM to see Serenity Fisher at Coffee Emporium, a fresh song writer with a great voice. (Full Disclosure: She's a friend)

Next up I caught the end of the Messerly & Ewing show, which because of illness, one of which happened just before the show, the four piece became a three with a fill in drummer. The Trio carried on to the cheers of the Madonna's Crowd. Since I knew half of the crowd by name, I had hoped they were all cheering for my arrival, but no, alas, the band was earning it. I hope to have the regular line all healthy and ready to go soon, I think they play next weekend, in fact.

After an hour and a half into the festival, the planned schedule seems a bit to much motion, since I was planning on going up to Grammers. Instead we walked by the Segway Room to catch some of The Daredevil Christopher Wright, but the small venue was packed, so we moved on.

Being in my neighborhood, we hit the Know's two stages instead and caught the end of the Vanity Theft from Dayton. They have potential. The all female band has several good musicians and their music had a mix of fun pop and indie angst. The could be more tight, musically, as a group.

Heading downstairs at the Know Theatre, I was pleased to notice that the next band was one I had heard good things about.

The best show I saw on Thursday goes to John the Savage from Milwaukee. They have an very unique sound the has a massively eclectic mix of instruments: Guitar, Accordion, Megaphone, Piano, Violin, Aux Percussion, String Bass, Drums, Chains, Trumpet, Trombone, Chains, Mandolin, Cello, Bells, and some type of wind-key board. The sharp musicianship gave the harsh and intellectual tone a base to allow the entire group to writhe on stage. A friend purchased their CD, so I am going to have to borrow it a listen, very intently.

After dodging a few more sprinkles we hustled down to the CAC to catch the Seedy Seeds for what ended being the most packed show I'd seen so far. The basement stage at the CAC was a steamy sauna filled with hipsters, aging hipsters, downtowners, arts professionals, creatives, and at least one very sweaty blogger. The Seeds are really a local musical treasure that I really hope everyone can see and expereince live. Their sound has a very popish tone, though they really can't be defined, but live they really pull all of the raw power they can out of their sound. Tonight, however, the sound mixing was not very good, at least in the back. It got a little be unbearable with the heat and sound. That takes nothing away from the band, who as usual gave a great performance.

The night ended with a small crowd at Washington Platform for Brighton, MA. They are a solid band, but rocked a bit too much for the space. WP is a little more suited for a slate of Americana Bands.

Night one was fun. The rain didn't hurt much at all. I do think I need to follow the Scion Streetcar Schedules better, since every time I saw a series of cars go by, I was about a block from my next destination.

Day Two is next!

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