Saturday, September 05, 2009

Miami (OH) vs. Kentucky

About an hour from now, Miami will take on Kentucky at Paul Brown Stadium. There's a good chance that those who attend the game will see the highest quality football to be played at PBS over the next three months. While I'm not going, as a UC fan, I've been trying to figure out who I'd prefer to win.

My inclination is to cheer for Miami. We should support our fellow Ohio schools when possible, right? And perhaps if Miami's season starts strong, UC's BCS standings will be boosted when they trounce the Redhawks on October 3rd. But, still, it's Miami! J. Crew U. Can I really root for that?

On the other hand, certainly I'm not the only downtown resident to be offended by the putrid shade of blue that's invaded our streets over the last couple of days. And Kentucky is an SEC team; no self-respecting Ohioan should cheer on a team from that conference.

I think I'm going to review the rules of the game: is there any way that both teams can lose?

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