Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MidPoint: Best Out of Town Bands

There are three ways to know what an out of town band is going to be like: 1) is that you have heard of them or seen them perform before, kinda rare, 2) is listening to their music online, and 3) would be based on the recommendation of others.

Here are my picks of the Best of Out of Town Bands at Midpoint:

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit:
Thursday 9:30 PM at Grammer's
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: Thursday 11:30 PM at Contemporary Arts Center
Gay Witch Abortion: Thursday 12:30 AM at Courtyard Cafe On Main
The Wildbirds: Friday 8:00 PM at Grammer's
Amo Joy: Friday 11:00 PM at Inner Peace Center
Micachu and The Shapes: Saturday 8:00 PM at Grammer's
Chairlift: Saturday 9:30 PM at Grammer's
The Dø: Saturday 11:30 PM at Contemporary Arts Center

UPDATE: Gay Witch Abortion is now off the schedule totally. Not word why, but this surely won't be the only change to the line up, as prior year's show: bands cancel or the van breaks down.

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