Saturday, September 26, 2009

MidPoint Day Two Recap

So, if you haven't been to the massive tent behind Grammer's, you are a fool and missed a great lineup of bands on day two of Midpoint. I started things off early with Lions Rampant, and I didn't get everything I expected. I was expecting the rough and tumble rock-n-roll band that snorkels in the Tyler Davidison Fountain. Instead a got a 5 piece line-up with a really new and frankly more polished sound. I think a Pearlene influence can be heard, and maybe that's just adding a keyboard. I really look forward to picking up their album. They ended their set with a fake fight, so the costume wearing guys are still there, just a little more polished.

Once I was at Grammer's I was staying for the full line-up so Wildbird was next. There were good, but didn't capture my attention. I guess my local bias played into my take on them, since the Lions Rampant and Heartless Bastards got my focus and attention.

The Heartless Bastards were great as usual and sound fuller with the addition of another guitarist. This was my first time seeing them as a four piece and I was impressed. I was really happy they came back home. The crowd was huge and filled the tent. I only wish my camera battery didn't quit on me, so my iPhone pictures from the rest of the night will have to suffice.

After Grammers we made a quick stop over to the Blue Wisp for the All Night Party stage. A good crowd at a bar I've never felt comfortable at. I was glad to see the support for local music coming from the All Night Party team. I look forward to more events from the in the future.

The Night ended at the Know Theatre for the Pomegranates, who are indie pop at its best. They have a great sound and I finally realized one of the band members works at my favorite coffeehouse. It always adds community when you know artists off stage. Only then can you fully appreciate two things. First, they are real people. Second is that you understand when they go on stage they have so much talent, but are still real people. I loved that about the Heartless Bastards and with Wussy. It makes living in a town with a great music so special, as long as you take the time to respect and appreciate the artists as real people first and talented performers second.

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