Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kings Island Making National News

Kings Island had planned to feature plastic skeletons posed to resemble dead celebrities as part of its Halloween Haunt. WLWT's Karin Johnson reported the story, which is starting to get some national attention (link: New York Daily News). Some of them, I thought, were pretty funny--like Ted Williams in a freezer case. Others--like Steve McNair or Michael Jackson--probably crossed the line between good and bad taste due to how recently the celebrity had passed away. And a Kings Island spokesman was quoted as promising more dead celebrity spoofs, including Ted Kennedy.

The "outrage" over the display has, of course, convinced Kings Island to pull the plug on the whole thing.

I have to wonder: how many people who insist that the plastic skeletons are "offensive" had no problem paying money for entrance to "Bodies: The Exhibition" and examining actual, posed and manipulated cadavers in awe and wonder? I guess the rule is that if a dead person is American and famous, it's taboo to reference his or her death for entertainment purposes, but if someone is Chinese and poor, we can do whatever we want with the body for commercial purposes.

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