Sunday, September 27, 2009

MidPoint Closes Big

Day Three of the MidPoint Music Festival brought me back to the tent at Grammer's for Eat Sugar and the hot local band's new material is as good as their debut EP. The MC said it best when introducing the group, they will be the next big band out of Cincinnati.

When I got to Grammer's exactly at 6:30 the band was starting and I heard the sound and was confused. There's not current a female lead singer. After some slight confusion and a realization that I was hearing a sound check, I understood that I hearing Micachu and The Shapes, the next band up on the bill. The UK band was another fresh sound that can best described as Hip Chick Brit Pop. The Trio mix an indie vibe with pop and some eclectic instruments include a great use of empty liquor bottles. I didn't get a chance to get their CD, but I will look for it on iTunes.

Next our gang shot down to the Know Theatre and caught Zest of Yore, from Austin. A decent band, they lacked distinction, but were earnest.

Back Downstairs Twightlight Revival filled the Know's cabaret space with a roots tone that had catchy tunes and a subtle charisma.

Another find of the festival is StephaniesID. A fun pop sound with an edge. Stephanie was walking around the Upstairs area before her show in a little bit of a nervous burst of energy. When she got on stage she let out the nervousness with a cheerful attitude with drop of darkness that gave her just a little bit of mystery. The North Carolina based band is a Midpoint Veteran. They should plan on coming back next year right now.

Next up was local masters Wussy who are the top dog in town. They have an experienced connection that is unmatched in Cincinnati. I could go on forever, but the fact that you couldn't move upstairs at the Know during their show, says it all.

The closer of the night Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles lived up to the word on street. Her Americana feel leaned over the county music line enough for a flavor, but held closer to a roots feel.

Another year and another great festival. I'm so very pleased with the event, the crowds where great everyone I went. I think CitBeat should be very proud. I think they made great progress from last year's event, which says a lot with its success in 2008. I think the Grammer's model was perfect, it gave a start and a headliner a place to shine, but then left the rest of the night to other venues and bands and pushed the crowd to explore. At the same time, themed stages and partnerships with local labels and artists gave options to all types of fans. I give this years festival high marks and only with 1 minor exception, everything worked. I look forward to MidPoint 2010.

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