Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ignorant and Careless Action By Ruby

Jane Prendergast has the follow-up on Jeff Ruby's Political newspaper advertisement in the sports section.

In an interview about the ad, Jane reports that Ruby wrote it based on talking to one police officer who obviously had read the talking points from the FOP. So Ruby likely got a copy of the talking points and wrote about them without any validation or analysis of their obvious inaccuracies.

It is too bad that Ruby can't tell the difference between false rhetoric and fact. It is good, however, that he's not going to reach a lot of voters who were on the fence on who to vote for. The sport section is a suburban man's front page, so the bang for the buck was lost, unless the GOP is planning on lots of voter fraud. I mean Joe Deters was all over that last year, and didn't find a wave of crime at the polls, but I am sure he'll be checking this year.

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