Monday, September 28, 2009

Face to Face Politicking a Waste Of Time?

Is pressing the flesh becoming a waste of time as some political operatives are suggesting in this Howard Wilkinson article?

Are political campaigns just giving up on reaching people face to face? Have we stooped to such a level? I think candidates that avoid getting out and meeting their voters are making a mistake. You don't always need the candidate there, but you need volunteers. You need a presence. If people care about a candidate and can speak to other about it, that personal connection goes farther than a TV commercial. It is hard to do for local elections, since building enthusiasm for a council candidate is difficult. How does one get a team of dedicated volunteers who can communicate one on one with voters, in a positive way?

If on a local level we run campaigns like a presidential race, we further erode the few strands of respect people have for politicians. Face to Face political activity is key to an engaged public. This puts us on a path to politics by proxy, where why have a real person, why not just outsource it to a corporation to act on your political behalf?

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