Thursday, September 15, 2005

Voting By Race

The numbers don't lie that certain sub demographics show a racial pattern to voting in Cincinnati. Comparing Mallory to Pepper without including Reece and Winburn I think does not tell the whole story of the primary. Also, it was the primary, with only 20% of the vote. I think the general election will be more telling, but these two candidates do not put forth the stereotypes for the racial divide in town. A Keith Fangman vs. Damon Lynch race I think would be your stereotypical black vs. white election that would show voting based on race. I could not vote for either, but that's a side issue. The council election will be a better judge. The short ticket voting and combination of choices people make I think would show more of a voting by race pattern. If you were to vote for Malone, Lynch, Thomas, Smitherman, Cole, Eric Wilson, then you might be voting by race. Same Goes for a block Cranley, Crowley, Monzel, Ghiz, Herd, Tarbell, Spencer, Boltz, Berding. Both sets have conflicting viewpoints that in most cases would not cause that type of combination, other than race, unless one just randomly punched holes. Race is a problem, but I don't see Mallory and Pepper as the poster kids for the problem. Each goes out of their way to be inclusive and don't focus on race, they focus on people.

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  1. I'm really glad we get to choose between Pepper and Mallory. I like both their politics. I'm leaning towards Pepper at the moment but I think it'd really do the city good to have a black mayor. Might wake some people up from the 50s.

    And you honestly wouldn't mind seeing Damon Lynch as mayor? Whew. That's cuh-razy.


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