Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kennedy Connector is Vital

East Side development hangs in the balance over the Kennedy Connector to I-71 in the Oakley/Madisonville area. The traffic congestion in the area of the Millworks is going to be heavy, and that connector will be vital to relieve the volume. Also, the Millworks area is not easy accessible from both direction of the highway. Coming from the North you have to take Kennedy to Ridge and battle horrible a bad intersection. This road would open up a new path, and with it a new flow of business into the city from the Suburbs. Instead of passing the city on their way to Newport, people in Blue Ash, Indian Hill, and Madeira will be more likely to stop off and see a movie in Oakley. If they want the River, hopefully someday they will be able to go to the Banks. Newport and Covington will always have the best views, of Cincinnati, so Oakley can’t compete with that. City Council should vote to make this connector happen. The only step now is to gain the remainder of the needed funding.

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