Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bronson Misleading You, Again

I know it should go without saying, but Peter Bronson is once again misleading his readers. He tries to claim that it is easier for a kid to get an abortion, than get an aspirin. Well, anyone with a brain can grasp that this is plainly FALSE. I would say he goes father and just plain lies:Public schools require permits, doctor's permission and written consent from parents to give a Tylenol to a student. It's much easier for an eighth-grader to get an abortion.A 14 year old could show how Bronson's comparison is plainly wrong.
  1. You can't get an abortion at a public school, no matter what the anti-abortionists say.
  2. Any 14 year old kid can walk to any drug store, grocery store, or mini-mart and buy aspirin.
  3. There are not abortion clinic's on every corner.
  4. There are laws preventing 14 year olds from get legal abortions without parental involvement.
  5. The example he provided was and EXTREME instance where a clinic was lied too by a man now in jail.
So yes, Bronson is leading off his column with a lie. He then tries to paint Planned Parenthood as being evil. Well, that is not going to work much. Bronson is not going to convince anyone of that who does not already think it. He might get a few donations for the groups out to control women's bodies, but he is not going to change any minds. He has I hope shown to some that he is not honest in what he writes. How can an editor allow this to go into print? It is so plainly false, it is not even funny. Hmmm, you don't suppose there are those on the editorial board who are extreme anti-abortionists?

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