Friday, September 02, 2005

Pepper Ad Misleading

David Pepper's TV ad was determined to be misleading by the Ohio Elections Commission, but they refused to do anything about it.

This was political and it really looks like the GOP wasting time when you read about the person who filed the lawsuit:
"As a lawyer, David Pepper should follow the law," said Brad Greenberg, Tye's attorney and executive director of the Hamilton County Republican Party. "We feel it is a misleading commercial. He is not the incumbent."
Tye is Donald Tye Jr. who filed the lawsuit and is a Winburn supporter, and in case you missed it, his lawyer is executive director of the Hamilton County Republican Party. Yea, it was a party action to help hurt Pepper and help Winburn, but crap like this never does anything. It looks petty and pointless. I am wondering if the GOP will go in the gutter any further to try and pull down Pepper, Reece or Mallory. Winburn needs two of the three to be tarnished to have any chance to make it beyond September 13th's Primary.

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