Thursday, September 29, 2005

In case you missed it: David Pepper is not Adolph Hitler

Greg Korte has the full background, but evidently David Pepper is not Adolph Hitler. Mark Mallory was happy to point this out and showed humor and a bit of class in how he responded to David Pepper's overzealous campaign staff out to try and blame Mark Mallory for every bad thing said about David Pepper.

The Classy move for Mallory should go down as a classic political move:
Concerned that denouncing mean statements against David Pepper could be an on-going problem, the Mallory campaign has taken the proactive step of requesting that the Pepper Campaign send daily e-mail updates about any new mean statements made by anyone that need to be denounced. The Mallory Campaign is hopeful that all denouncements can be completed by 10:00 am daily, so that the campaign can return to the normal business of discussing real issues.
In one press release, Mallory is able to make Pepper's campaign look childish, make people paying attention like my laugh my ass off, and distance himself from Nate Livingston. Brilliant!

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