Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let Them Eat Cake

In my usually brilliantly cliché way, I must comment Bronson's latest drivel. It comes across, every so overwhelmingly that Bronson is pissed people are not more grateful for the Red Cross Donation he and his fellow White Man made to the cause.

He is pissed that people are screaming about race. I too think that many of the charges about race are overblown. There is a racial component to why people were left at the Superdome for so long, but that was not the reason I believe was the main reason.

Most of the people were poor. Plain and simple classism is why they are scoffed at by Talk Radio people like Mike McConnell. Poor people are blamed for being poor. That is a bedrock conservative value held by many in Bronson's cul de sac world. That is why they live out in the land of cultural despair. The only thing they fear more than cultural vibrancy is poor people. Add race to it and it adds a level of prejudice that makes it look like racism, but it is really about class.

With Bronson desire to hold back on paying to rebuild the Gulf Coast sounds just like a "not my problem" type response. Bronson seems to want to hold back the money, or add so many strings that no one can use it. Next thing I expect him to want is that all schools rebuilt be required by Federal law to have a chapel, complete with a baptismal tub. Yes, the roadblocks and pitfalls are his way of killing two heathens with one stone.

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