Thursday, September 01, 2005

Horror on the Bayou

How did New Orleans get to this state? Why can’t more be done by the Federal Government? I am not going to blame anyone person or leader for this, no one person can move mountains, but if the USA can drop food over remote Afghanistan villages, why can't they do something similar in New Orleans?

The political fallout on this is starting to grow. I really don't want it to become a political issue. I would want political leaders with the power to move men and machine to get them in the air. Are their any National Guard Airborne troops out there? This near anarchy makes people America look like we don't know what we are doing. We don't, but we usually can make it work. The hell that is the Big Easy is a condemnation on our humanity. I say that with full knowledge that I am sitting on my ass typing, not really doing much. Those with the power should be doing, and it appears they can't do much.

Why can't they do much? Could it, and I am asking honestly, be the result of the over use of the National Guard in Iraq?

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