Saturday, September 24, 2005

MidPoint Day Two

Well, when you leave RBC at 2:30 AM you can't have had a bad evening, and well, I didn't. My night was fun. I saw Two Turntables and a Saxophone. I am not big into that type of music, but these guys were good. I had never heard Flute used in conjunction with rap/hiphop format. It showed a melodic quality missing in most rap/hiphop.

Clabbergirl at Coopers rocked.

Catalog Cowboys at Mr. Pitiful's were good, and I caught the first few minutes of Messerly and Ewing.

I hung around a few friends working the "Murch" at Jeckle & Hyde's.

I ended the night with Jake Speed and Freddies where I think I saw Pat Dewine sneak in to the event. That was just slightly weird.

Jake Speed puts on a full bore show. He entertains you. He does it with great music, great lyrics, and humor fit for a stand up comic.

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