Friday, September 30, 2005

He Just Hates Gays

I will never understand the Log Cabin Republicans. In today’s political climate they are roundly hated by the power structure of the GOP. When I say hate I use it in the context that the GOP Power Structures uses the hate and fear of gays as one of the main issues they use to rally the voters.

None-the-less, the local Log Cabin Republicans have issued their endorsements for council and pick Leslie Ghiz, and to a lesser degree John Eby and Paul McGee.

What caught my eye from Korte's blog post was ending which included a quote from local Log Cabin Republican President Ted Jackson:
Not endorsed were incumbent Republican Councilmen Sam Malone and Chris Monzel. Malone, who ran the campaign last year opposing the repeal of Article XII, wouldn't even talk to the group, Jackson said. Monzel was more receptive, but stuck to his opposition to gay rights.

"That was one, for me personally, that kind of tore me up," Jackson said. "Chris is a great Republican and a good guy."
While I have never met Chris Monzel, I have heard from everyone that is a very good guy. That said, how can you really be so great if you oppose Gay Rights? Or more to the point, how can people be called a good guy by a group who Monzel believes do not deserve equal rights? He is a great guy, I guess, he just hates gays.

I guess this is crutch of many people who are not on board with support for Gay rights. This also applies to some Democrats out there, but not on the scale that it hits the GOP. People can go on about how they are good people and don't discriminate based on race or religion or gender or nationality or even to a degree on sexual orientation. When it comes to granting Gays equal rights under the law, many otherwise good people just say no.

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