Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Time Ever?

It has to be a first for a candidate to gain the support of Enquirer and the "Black Fist", but Mark Mallory has done just that. What may shock Nate is that I (Mr. "white folks") am going to vote for Mallory on Tuesday. I don't like to do endorsements, but I like Mallory. Mallory is a leader. He, I believe, would be best at being Mayor for all of Cincinnati, including me, Nate, the police, the Black Fist, business interests, and the homeless. I don't know if all of his ideas will work, and at this point that is not what I am looking for. Cincinnati needs a new positive direction, and Mr. Mallory is the best hope in moving on a road to something better.

Why the Black Fist likes Mallory is beyond me. I guess maybe Mark took the time to talk to them. It is wasted time in my opinion. They will grow to call Mark names if he gets elected Mayor, but it shows that Mallory can even reach out to the extremists in town, in hopes of changing their hate filled views. Charging at windmills I fear, but still a gallant try. Mallory should be our next mayor.

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