Monday, September 19, 2005

Enquirer Removes Comments From Korte Blog

In what stated as a temporary action, the Enquirer has removed commenting from Greg Korte's politics blog after what were called "vulgar and obscene language and potentially defamatory" comments were made to his blog. As of now, other blogs at still are open to comments.

Nate has a post that I can't confirm existed, but might be part of why comments were removed, if true. If those posts were indeed true it is a sorry state that someone would post something like that, and it would be even sorrier if anyone connected to any campaign would try a gutter tactic like that.

On the other hand this could all be a stunt by someone who hates Pepper, and is trying to scam voters into believing Pepper's camp is playing dirty, so lets try and keep the politics clean from poorly made allegations and rumor.


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