Sunday, September 25, 2005

MidPoint Day Three

GitoGito Hustler

Hot, fast, brilliant. I was floored by GitoGito Hustler and I was equally floored by the massive crowd at alchemize. I have never been there when it has been so crowded; they had to close off the club to anyone who was not smart enough to come early.

MidPoint was overall great! My last night included sets by, Unfinished Thought, Culture Queer, the Woos and Ryan Adcock as well as the double punk wammie of the Spunks and GitoGito Hustler.

We finshed off the night with a late night Shanghi Mama's feast.

The streets of OTR along Main Street came alive for three days. The crowd was large enough last night to close off traffic late up Main until after 3AM. The traffic all night long up Main was a parking lot.

We were in a mega big city for a few nights and it was great. I don't know if I would want that every night in this town, but knowing we can do it and we do it from time to time makes living in Cincinnati great.

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