Monday, September 05, 2005

Mike Brown Must Go

No, Not the owner of the Bengals. Mike Brown, the head of FEMA, should be immediately fired and replaced with someone who understands how to deal with a disaster. If the Bush Administration thinks FEMA's focus should be responding to terrorism, then how do they plan on evacuating a major city after a series of Dirty Nukes are set off? The failure to evacute New Orleans indicates that in real terrorist attack situation the aftermath would be the real killer, not the actual attack. The answer to Mike for this type of situation seems to be to pretend that nothing is going wrong, as illustrated by this CNN report. If nothing else, the man is over concerned with the PR spin of his teams efforts. If you are going to be a good department/agency head, you need to let the White House worry about the spin, and you just do your job, especially for an agency whose sole purpose is to deal with emergencies.

I personally would lay this at the foot of the President, but the more important thing is to fire the incompetent man, not the guy who hired him. I would love to fire Bush, but alas we are stuck with more of his bad choices until 2009. We also are stuck with the bad choice of Mike Brown and his Bengals, and can't change that unless he wants to sell. Let's just hope this year they break the curse and make the playoffs.

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  1. Right you are! The majority of the refugees in NO were in just two locations, both accessible by *buses* (the convention center and the stadium). And still they couldn't evacuate them for days, or even get them food and water.

    Imagine if this were a bigger emergency. Instead of 40,000 people mostly in two major locations, let's say we had a dirty bomb attack in Manhattan, and had to evacuate and decontaminate *millions* of people. That's 25 times as many people, and a much more complicated problem.

    Can anyone doubt that FEMA and Homeland "Security" would fail even more catastrophically?

    Fire Chertoff and Brown. Today!


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