Monday, June 27, 2005

Why Gun Violence?

What is causing the recent up tick of gun violence recently? Most of the incidents I would put on drug related idiots. This incident outside a dance club reportedly starting as an argument. Why would there be guns in the hands of these young 'kids?' I would guess they are not drug dealers. Do they have the guns on them as a result of conceal & carry laws? I doubt that. Do they have them out of fear? Maybe. Do they have guns out of some warped need for instant power and respect that they can't seem to earn any other way? I would guess yes. How is this type of problem addressed? How do young adults become ego driven fools who can't refrain from shooting people over schoolyard type conflicts?

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  1. You pretty much answered your own questions.

    Perhaps you need to go somewhere and try to be a black teenager. Think about how you would be thought of if you had black skin. What would your prospects for the future be realistically. What incentives have you had to succeed in this society before today and where have they gotten you. What incentives are there presently. Compare your chances with what a kid from Lakota has. If you get in trouble, what are you losing? If a kid from Indian Hill gets into trouble, what can he lose?

    Guns solve many immediate problems. You only need to look at your country's leadership to see that.


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