Monday, June 06, 2005

Visual Fringe: Challenge to Bronson

It gets less attention but there are two art galleries at the Cincy Fringe Festival. The Post gave a little attention in Friday's edition. I myself will be staffing one of the Galleries Tomorrow, Wednesday and Saturday Afternoon. If you would like to find out which one, you will just have to visit both of them, do that or make it to the bar series and I am sure you will see me there. This news may instead make the Art Galleries biggest days Thursday and Friday.

My Challenge is simple: I want to see Peter Bronson at the Galleries he attacked in his column last year. I want to discuss with him, in a very friendly manner, what he thinks of art and why he hates it so much, well all art outside of Dogs Playing Poker.

If you want to help push him on a bit, use the little mail icon on this post and email it to him at

I hope someone at the Enquirer might be able to pass this on too.

I am not looking for a showdown, I would just like to see how or what he finds wrong with the art and people's person expression. I want him to see some of the performances. I really think he and everyone would enjoy them.

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