Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Project Lily Pad: Wi-Fi

Keep your eye on this Wi-Fi project from the folks at Give Back Cincinnati. It has great potential and as a laptop owner the more free Wi-Fi there is, the more I will get out of my apartment.

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  1. fyi ... visit www.lilypadusa.org for more information

    We are partnering with current FREE wi-fi initiatives across the region to bring them all under the same "Lily Pad - Hop On. Go Wireless" branding. This includes the Cincinnati Parks Board. They will soon be putting up new signage with the Lily Pad branding on it.

    If we can market all our free wireless efforts collaboratively, our region will reap the greatest benefits! Picture a map of the 275 loop and seeing "Lily Pad" hotspots connecting all the townships, communities, etc. This is exciting stuff people --- and very unlike any effort you might hear about in other cities!

    Philadelphia landed on the front page of the NY Times before they even have one hotspot up and running. Their strategy isn't working because they are using $16 million in public tax money. Not here my friends! We're looking for private sponsors that want to support the effort and also garner significant exposure and advertising.

    Contact info@lilypadusa.org for more information, to get involved, or to sponsor a Lily Pad!


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