Friday, June 03, 2005

Religion in Politics

The 2nd District GOP primary is now focused on religion. It may or may not be focused on which brand of Christianity the candidate partakes in (there will never be a non-Christian Republican elected to office in this district in my life time), what we have here is who is more religious than the other guy/gal. Being religious to the conservative Christian is no longer just about going to church on Sunday. Today it is about believing and pushing the 'Moral Values' issues, which are not dogmatic rules of the religion, but have become de facto scripture to the theocratic movement.

It is sad and it has crept up on the society. The GOP party activists are almost exclusively conservative Christians. You don't find many of the Wall Street Republicans or the Libertarian Republicans at party meetings, at least not the ones who don't either accept the religious litmus test or who accept it as a reality of power. Where is this leading the country when one political party is becoming a religious party?

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  1. I went to the CCV event in Montgomery Fri night. ALL the candidates threw out some red meat for what they thought was a religious audience. It probably was.

    But if your not, then you would have been real uncomfortable. I was waiting for the alter call.


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