Wednesday, June 01, 2005

GOP Endorse Alleged Child Abuser

Well, I guess they figured the image make-over will work for him or that the Child Abuser vote is a cornerstone of the GOP voting block, but according to the Post, the Hamilton County Republican Party endorsed Sam Malone for City Council, despite his pending criminal charges of child abuse and despite him admitting that he hit the kid and making no refutation of the allegations that he hit his son with a belt on the arms, back, chest, and buttocks. A really shameful display of arrogance and cowardice combined. They appear to think that people will not care about it, don't pay attention, or like it. I think they are also fearful of pissing off the Charlie Winburn voting block who have praised Malone for beating his child.

The GOP only has four (Sam Malone, Chris Monzel, Leslie Ghiz, and John Eby) so far and at most seven will get the endorsement. That is a far cry from 2003 when they fielded 9. As it stands now the Party appears to have given up on the city, which I think reflects the attitude of the Party on more than just the prospects of getting someone elected.

Ghiz is likely to get on council, but the others will need to work hard to win.

I am surprised they don't want to support Winburn yet. Time is running out on him to get into the race. He stands no chance at this point of winning, no matter what a few have speculated on, but I would have thought that the GOP would have wanted to avoid the type of humiliation they faced in 2001 when they did not field a candidate.

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