Sunday, June 12, 2005

Enquirer Endorsements Are Out

The Enquirer has made endorsements in both 2nd Congressional District's Primaries set for Tuesday.

For the GOP they picked: Jean Schmidt. This is a bit of a surprise to me. I would said they would have gone with McEwen or DeWine, but it appears both men's negatives of being opportunist office seekers turned of the Board.

For the Dems they picked: Paul Hackett. This was not a surprise. Hackett has been the favorite to win the primary for quite a while now. This just helps further that end.

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  1. This is unfortunate. Jean Schmidt is Conservative on most issues, certainly more so than DeWine. But she does not show much ability to think on her feet, to react spontaneously in a debate. That would be fatal in Washington.

    Her remarks at the four forums that I attended, were clearly scripted. The gap between her and the more articulate candidates, Brinkman, McEwen, Smith, Morgan, Minamyer and Fosset, was very obvious.

    The Enquirer of a few years back would have supported Brinkman, as do I. But it has truly declined, both in quality and in its devotion to traditional values.

    William Flax


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