Monday, June 13, 2005

Down to the Wire

Today will be a very heavy day for the 2nd Congressional District candidates. They will be out and about all over the district begging for votes.

Who is going to win? Since I am not a registered member of either party, I will not be voting tomorrow. I don't like telling people who to vote for by giving endorsements. I would normally say who I am voting for, but since I am not voting, I am not saying who I would vote for. Instead, I offer predictions and invite others to chime in with theirs.

The Democrats: Paul Hackett will win. Sanders is the only other person with any possible chance, but I think with the Dem organizations backing him, Hackett will pull away with a solid margin.

The Republicans: This one is tough. There are four who could win: DeWine, Brinkman, McEwen, and Schmidt. Even with Schmidt's Enquirer endorsement, I think she will finish fourth. Even with his rabid support on this blog, I think Brinkman will finish third. It is tough to then pick the winner. DeWine should have won easily with his funding and organization, but he has big time enemies. McEwen is as much if not more of an opportunist than DeWine and should not really be a factor, he has no fresh ground team. I believe it will be very close between the two, but that to the surprise of the right wing conservatives, DeWine will win.

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