Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cincy Fringe Going Strong

The Cincinnati Fringe Festival has another full week to go!

Last night I saw Karoake Knights, a One-Man Rock Opera by Tim Mooney. What is so cool about Fringe is that I had that chance to meet Tim earlier in the week at the Bar Series and some friends even helped him pack up his set for the night. I was able to chat with him about his show and his other works later on at the Greenwich. The turnout at the Greenwich was excellent as well. Many artists nearly all of the staff and lots of volunteers came out to the Walnut Hills mainstay.

Shows I still want to see:
  1. A/ThePostModernLoveStory by the BlueForms Theatre Group
  2. Britney Spears, and All the Other Shit We Deal With! by Odds & Ends Productions
  3. A Comment from the Peanut Gallery by Les Kurkendaal

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