Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Support For Religious Freedom

The Supreme Court refused to to hear several other cases involving separation of church and state and let stand lower court rulings that prevented religious displays in schools and one theocratic town council in South Carolina from beginning its meetings with a prayer praising Jesus Christ. It will not keep the theocrats from trying to push religion onto others, but it might make them more reluctant to waste their money. This will keep them at bay until Bush gets more Scalia type theocrats in courts.

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  1. Boy, I sense a strong dislike of religion on your part. Some folks on the religion side make me feel a little uncomfortable, but I kind of understand they feel like the aethist crowd led by the ACLU has been attacking them and their belief's for about 50 years.

    I also believe we will never return to 1950 or should we and this makes some of those folks upset.

    However, lets take a look at what some of the folks on the courts have done with laws and crime. I tend to think they have gone way overboard with some of these invented rights and some very bad folks have been let out on the streets to rape and kill folks. I am appaled that we will soon have a million folks who are sexual predators, many of them with children, running around the streets. I have found that these folks are long term users of pornography that has exploded after the 50's with some very liberal looks by our courts. I don't think anyone denies the connection between porno and sexual addictions.

    I am also a little uncomfortable with the abortion at any time for any reason. Seems like everyone says this is bad and should be made rare and safe, but then when someone votes to make it less and more safe, the abortion anytime crowd protests. I cannot understand why a parent should not know their kid is having an abortion but with some method to find out if we have incest.

    I am uncomfortable with homosexual activity being made normal by courts. However, I realize that this comes from a long life as seeing that action as not normal and from my personal reaction to seeing two boys kissing. I think we were moving forward but see more hatred out there now because people do not like things forced down their throats. PROOF?

    Folks on this blog site do not seem to like evangelicals voting to force religion on them but see no harm in forcing homosexuality and abortion on the evangelicals. We have a legislature becuase that is the way things are done in a republic. The courts were there to interpret the constitution, not make law. Folks tend to like it when the court rules their way. Your post talks about Bush getting Scalia type's and I bet you will not want them making law if he does. Correct? That is why we have legilatures we can vote on.


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