Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June is Busting Out

You may have missed the news, or you really may not because I don't think anyone has reported anywhere they fact that a new restaurant has opened up downtown. Rise and Shine has redone the former Frisch's Restaurant on 6th Street and is open and running. It is a part of a significant change to the lower Main Street area with Mana's going strong and the rehab of the Fort Washington Hotel. This is making the area behind the Arnoff center into yet another up and coming area with strong retail, residential, and restaurants. I wonder why you have not read about that.

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  1. The Enquirer had a story on the conversion of the Fort Washington Hotel last month.

    It closes with:

    David Ginsberg, president of DCI, said with all the revitalization going on downtown, the Fort Washington project is especially important because the northeast sector of downtown had been experiencing crime problems. With this development and others nearby, he said, problems have slowed.

    "I think this building will anchor that block for the 21st century," Ginsberg said. "It prods people to redevelop their building and leads us to a much better downtown."

    Sounds like a pretty positive spin to me.

    Enquirer Story


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